Doctors Describe 8 Conditions That Hurt Even Worse Than Childbirth


Pain during delivery is caused by contractions of the muscles of the uterus and by pressure on the cervix. This pain can be felt as strong cramping in the abdomen, groin, and back. Childbirth pain is different for everyone.

A human body can bear only up to 45 dels (unit) of pain. Yet at time of giving birth, a mother feels up to 57 dels (unit) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time.


Does anything hurt worse than childbirth?

Turning to the two groups of experts who would actually know, mothers and doctors, we learned that a surprising number of conditions give labor pains a run for their money.

As one doctor points out, there’s no “exact equivalent to pushing a human being out of your vagina.” But these 8 conditions are just as bad as labor pain.


Cluster Headache/Migraines

Migraines and other forms of headaches are not a joke. Migraine patients also suffer through light sensitivity, touch sensitivity, nausea, and lightheadedness. Migraines are more common for women than men. By the way, women feel all forms of pain more sharply than men.


Kidney Stones

Patients living with these small pieces of calcium inside their kidneys can expect fevers, chills, nausea and vomiting. While it’s a very common condition, but 16,000 people die from kidney stones around the world each year, so don’t underestimate them.