8 Famous People Who Ruined Their Careers In A Matter Of Seconds


We all know that it’s tough to become a celebrity but it’s even harder to keep your celebrity once you have it. One wrong tweet or one bad interview and a celebrity’s career can end before it even begins. In the case of these celebs, they had everything looking up for them until they made wrong move and it ruined their careers never recovered from it. Sure there are celebs who ruined their careers overtime by choosing bad roles, going to too many parties, or trying to launch a music career. Just look at Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, and Tara Reid–they slowly destroyed their careers by making bad decision after bad decision. However, this list contains only the celebs who had everything going for them and they destroyed their career in seconds because of one bad decision.

You’ll never guess the dumb things that celebs have done to lose their fame in a single day. On this list there is a celeb who was at the top of her game…until she got a nose job. There is everyone from Ashlee Simpson and her infamous hoedown dance on Saturday Night Live to one meme that destroyed the reputation of a once-beloved fixture of television. If you think that you have regrets that keep you up at night, you’ll be glad that you didn’t have these awful mistakes to look back on. These are the celebs who completely destroyed their careers in just seconds.

1. Ashlee Simpson

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since Ashlee Simpson’s infamous lip-sync fail on Saturday Night Live occurred. It was 2004 when Simpson performed her first song “Pieces of Me” with no problems but the second performance was a different story. The vocals for “Pieces of Me” began playing again and Simpson panicked and started to do an awkward hoedown dance before she just walked off stage during the song. The worst part was when she joined Jude Law on the stage at the end of the episode and “apologized” but she really blamed the band for the whole thing stating that they, “started playing the wrong song and I had no excuse so I had to do a hoedown.” Simpson’s chance to make a career for herself by latching onto her sister’s fame ended tragically in one night and her career never recovered from the incident.


2. Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey was at the top of her game in the 80s when she was the charming and talented star of Dirty Dancing. However, her career completely tanked in the early 90s when she underwent a rhinoplasty procedure. She later described the procedure as the “nose job from hell” because it ruined her career by making her completely unrecognizable, even to her friends. She had a second nose job done to fix it but it didn’t help her situation. She said that it was like she went from being a celebrity to being invisible. Grey continued acting but would never again see the success she saw when she was in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing. She did, however, appear on Dancing with the Stars and won in 2012 but this particular reality show is exactly where careers go to die. With one nose job, Grey’s career was over.