He Got Stuck In Elevator Before His Very First Surgery, And Proved Doctors Have The Best Sense Of Humor


A medical student, named Joseph got trapped in an elevator. At that point when therapeutic student Joseph got caught in a lift, he, fortunately, had quite recently enough battery life on his cellphone to make the best survival log ever. He continued to transfer live Snapchats from the Claustrophobia-actuating box during the whole an hour he was stuck there, and the Internet is hailing his fortitude.

Robinson Crusoe (1719) and Cast Away (2000) are both extraordinary stories however they’re no match for this cutting-edge age story. Joseph needed to give his closest to perfect to keep alive, following the time, guarding against dangerous bright lights, and different difficulties had been sneaking in every one of the four corners. So get some popcorn and look down to drench yourself in this stunning spine-chiller.


Day: Currently trapped in an elevator

Day 1: Minute 10, is this what hells feel like?