A Guy Asks What Men Would Do If Their GF Got Them This Gift And Gets Hilarious Replies


The holiday season is in full swing when the exchange of meaningful gifts becomes mandatory for everyone. Between couples, this exchange of presents holds, even more, importance since it determines their love for each other.  Make sure you don’t give socks or other horrible presents that can be traumatizing for your partner.

On a completely different note!



Spicing up the holiday spirit, a Twitter user Chris Plug decided to pop a suppositional question for the Twitterati out there. On a second thought, the question popped by Plug can swiftly be used to gauge the compatibility of a couple. He shared pictures of a Croc Shoe decorated by the face of infamous restauranter and TV Chef, Guy Fieri who is surrounded by flames. Just so you know these Croc shoes were on fire with Guy Fieri in the middle of them! Plug asked the twitter users if they receive this as a Christmas present from their girlfriends, what would their reaction be.