This Guy Totally Shuts Down “Abortion Is Murder” Argument With His Perfect Reply


The conservative belief is that a fetus is a child, a life, and abortion is murdering them. The liberal belief is that it’s nothing more than a bunch of cells, which won’t be missed. There are counter arguments for both of them, such as if a few cells can be considered a life, why aren’t sperm and eggs considered alive as well? They become human too. Does that make masturbation murder as well? Similarly, if a bunch of cells aren’t a life, then why are humans considered alive? We are, after all, just a bunch of cells. There are further intricacies of this argument, for example when the fetus is the result of incest, rape, pedophilia, or all three. In this case, it was all three. 

This guy is so accurate and we agree with him in this case. The story is heart breaking and reveals why abortion is not a murder. His close friend was raped when she was in her 8th grade and it cost her so much later. Continue reading this amazing thread and let’s us know what you think about the very issue. 


It wasn’t even about the ethics of abortion, merely the laws preventing it.