10+ Hilarious Photos Covering Lives Of Single Photographers


Photography has become an essential part of our lives. Whether it’s special day of someone’s life or a new baby is born- we all wish to capture memories so that we can check them later. We need photographers and they do their best to make sure we have perfect shots. But wait for a moment! Have you thought how the photographers feel while taking shots of a newly wed couple? And if the photographer is single and has never been in love, how would he feel?

We have tried to look into the funny side of photographers’ lives. The photos here are just for fun purpose and we hope these will make you smile. Borlem is always bringing the most entertaining stuff to its readers and this post is one in the series. You will see how a single but professional photographer tries to make others people he is in a relationship and his BAE is the perfect girl who makes her every single better.


This is what happens when you are a single professional photographer. You want to make people believe you have a girlfriend so you start using your professional skills. 

It’s hard for people to believe there is something else if the other side of the photos is not shared. These photos, on the other hand, provide great insights into the photography skills. But people are sharing these photos as they perfectly capture the lives of single photographers.