The Most Hilarious Pinterest Fails Ever


Babies, makeup, and pets, on my! on the second thought, don’t get too excited. In fact, here is a hilarious DIYtake on people who tried to recreate the internet’s coolest projects. 

 DIY Pinterest fails ( Expectation vs. Reality)


1. Oopsie baby

Nothing says, ‘Have yourself an awkward little Christmas’ than these photos. There are Christmas lights tangling up The poor babies or not necessarily making that sibling postcard you’d like to send to your co-workers. At least they will get a good laugh out of them a few years from now.

2. Cooking up trouble

We think we’d passed on kissing for cooking the chef for this round. Sometimes cooking is not as easy as it seems and these dishes are the proof. We are not quite sure these cooks would be on Gordon’s Ramsey Goodside.