Hilarious Text Conversations Between This Woman And Her Ex-Boss Will Leave You In Stitches


Bosses can be a real pain in the ass, but there are fortunate people with extremely cool bosses too.

Most of us would agree that a majority of bosses seem to be humorless and strict, and that’s because of their mentality. They don’t realize that we don’t get paid for free, we provide our services and earn it, we cannot be treated as slaves. However, this isn’t the case in every scenario. Friendly bosses exist too, along with a great sense of humor! So a lady known by the name of Gracie Hoos had an amazing boss that we all dream of. He happens to be funny, full of a great sense of humor and witty. So, Gracie decided to flaunt the conversations that she had with her ex-boss on Twitter and trust me; these are one of the hilarious conversations you have ever heard.


Let’s take a look at the conversations.

This boss knows his priorities or preferences!