These Hilarious Illustrations Show How Things Used to be If Your Boss Was a Cat


Have you ever imagined that one day you reach your office and you see a small, tiny, furry and carnivorous mammal as your CEO and guess what this creature is your house cat? Now how you will deal with it.

Firstly I know it is really difficult for you to accept this awful and funny reality. But now your beloved pet is your boss and you have to obey all its orders. Let’s come with me to enjoy this adventure.

Unexpected is expected

You hear the sound of scratches at the door, now you expecting that cat(I mean your boss) wants to open the door and you run to open it but guess what boss mood is now changed and it does not want to go inside. Puff what it actually wants to do? No idea.



Slave of temptation

Cats are slaves of their temptation. So get ready because your boss is going to blame you for every mistake that it will make. Hey listen to me,  my nasty employee, “I will do whatever I want to do. I am a boss cat”.