8 Celebs Whose Weight Loss Left Them Unrecognisable


No matter how rich and famous you are weight loss is still a struggle for many people. But not only do some celebs manage to banish the Bulge but their pals loss can be in the triple digits. Here are some celebs who managed to lose a hundred pounds or more. 

1. Mama June

we have to admit when it comes to celebs who drop a ton of weight we never expected June Shannon to be one of them. of course, you most likely know her as mama June the matriarch of here comes honey boo-boo. One major aspect of the show was the family’s unhealthy lifestyle when it comes to food. At times, it seemed like mama June relished in eating piles of sketti and would never curb her over indulgent ways. But only did she manage to lose weight, curb her over indulgent ways but not, she shed over 300 pounds and now wears a size-four. She credits her amazing transformation to portion control and says she’s doing what she can to keep the weight off. 


2. Jonah Hill

Most of us remember after Jonah Hill as the fat funny friend in the movie super bad but he’s recently gone from super bad to super bod. After his dramatic transformation he’s almosT unrecognisable. His weight-loss surgery began back in 2011 when he was working on Moneyball alongside fellow actor Brad Pitt. Some theorized that being around Pitt’s notoriously and evil physique was what motivated Hill. But he claims that’s not the case. When we think about losing weight many of us hope that there is a magic smoothie, pill, or exercise moon that will make us instantly svelte. But with Hill, he claims it’s just a result of him putting in the work and adhering to a diet. A nutritionist helped put him on the right path. Hill realised he had to completely change his eating and exercise habits in order to lose weigh. In fact the secret to his weight loss is something that you probably won’t enjoy hearing anymore than he did- giving up beer. According to Hill, consuming alcohol makes an enormous difference in his weight, a fact that he finds frustrating.