The Most Interesting Facts About Air Travel That You Almost Don’t Know Before


During our childhood days we used to wonder how can such a big machine airplane can fly. We always love to watch it fly and the white patches they left behind. But, as we grew up we came to know at least something about them. But the nature of airplane travel continues to fascinate many people.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about air travel that you almost certainly knew nothing about.


Airplanes can withstand lightning strikes.

According to statistics, ever year airplanes are struck by lightning. These incidents usually occur without any dangerous consequences because modern airplanes have a special coating that protects them from lightning’s hazardous effects.

Some airplanes have secret compartments for the cabin crew.

On long-haul flights, members of the crew might have to work for as many as 16 hours. To allow them to catch some rest, some planes have small sleeping areas for 6-10 people.