Lesbian Photographer Uncovered The Harrowing Photographs After Visiting The Torture Clinics That Treats Homosexuality


In many western societies even in the age civil rights are hardly found and minorities are very gradually receiving widespread representation, still there are many parts of the world in which LGBT people are second class citizens at best and labeled as sexual deviants with mental problems at worst.

There are many contemporary societies where sexuality is not something to be embraced and accepted, but its treated by policed through Draconian methods. Although prejudice and homophobia have plagued gay people since time immemorial.


Paola Peredes Ecuadorian lesbian photographer visited a facility in her native land, where both men and women were being “treated” for homosexuality, and while undercover, she documented some of the horrific abuse patients sustained at the hands of staff.now Peredes has created a photography project with a motive to recreate some of her clinic experiences, Peredes herself taking the role of main subject. Be warned: some readers may find the images below extremely miserable

1. At these institutions Religious fundamentalism usually plays a role.

2. Patient are repeatedly heavily anesthetize