Little Girl Thinks this Bride is the Real-Life Princess from Her Book and Her Reaction Melts Everyone’s Hearts


Where most of the girls meet their favorite princess in dreams or Disneyland, this little girl just met one princess on a street. Scot Robertson and his wife got married a few months ago. The situation got pleasant and really amazing when a little girl thought Scot’s wife is the princess from her book. The little girl was holding the book in her hand. 

She was with her mom. They were walking by and the girl all of sudden stopped as she thought the bride was the princess from her book. Later on, she met the bride and her reaction was so cute that it’s melting everyone’s hearts. The story is breaking the internet and people are simply in love with the little girl for her innocent act. 


Meet this little girl who was with her mom when she saw a bride and mistook her for her book Princess. The husband of this bride wrote they got married a few months ago. The girl and her mom were walking by when she spotted the bride. 

She was holding a book in her hand. She though the bride is the princess from her book so she went to meet her. It was really a cute moment and the reaction of this little girl melted everyone’s hearts. The reaction of her is priceless, too.