Loving Mother, 21, Dies Days Before Her Daughter’s First Birthday After ‘Doctors Mistook Symptoms Of A Deadly Brain Aneurysm For Migraine’


Zipporah Agyei, 21, A doting young mother died just days before her daughter’s first birthday, after doctors persistently misdiagnosed symptoms of a deadly brain aneurysm, claim her grieving family.

She was suffering agonizing headaches for weeks but was told repeatedly by her GP that she was probably having migraines.


Last year in October, she called the NHS non-emergency number, 111, and described she could not open her right eye.

Her devastated mum, Vivien Adu-Sarfo, 47 said: “We are devastated. She was a wonderful girl, a doting mother, and daughter.” Zipporah was taken to Ealing Hospital in Southall after calling 111 and, fearing she was having a stroke, doctors transferred her to Charing Cross Hospital in an ambulance.