Meet The 31-Year-Old Who Never Went Through Puberty


When you’re a teenager, puberty seems like the worst thing in the world. Being a boy, I had to deal with my voice breaking, random hairs appearing on my face and, of course, an increased and uncontrollable sex drive. But, while we may look back at our puberty years and laugh, some people can’t do the same.

Brandon Westfall is a 31-year-old male who has never hit puberty. The man suffers from a rare disorder that means that he has never started puberty and has previously been featured The Doctors in 2013, where he spoke about his condition.


Describing the impact that his lack of puberty has had on his life, Brandon says:

“I have no dating life at all. I have no sex drive at all. I like women, but I don’t really have the drive to pursue them. I don’t like to go out in public, I don’t like to be seen. If I apply for a job they think I look younger and they don’t hire me.When I was younger I always knew in the back of my mind there was something wrong with my body but never really thought to look into it until my late teens,” wrote Brandon.

Not much was seen of the young man after the show, well, he appeared on a private channel a while ago to give an update on his life and give a little more information on his condition.