Meet the Yoga Instructor Who Teaches Yoga Classes While Completely Nude


Because of the high expectations that society has for women, it can be hard to feel good about yourself. As a result, women are constantly putting themselves down and thinking that they’re not good enough. “Women are very hard on themselves but when they walk into this beautiful space, they learn how to feel like to be an acceptance of their body. Particularly mothers who have children – their bodies change so much. It’s amazing for them to have gratitude for their body by the end of the class,” Rees tells the Daily Mail UK.The class is open to women of all ages, but Rees says she’s seen an influx of older women signing up for the classes. Most of the time, it’s women who are wanting to finally embrace their bodies.


“There are also women in their 60s and 70s embracing their bodies. We have women of all ages joining. They either want to try something different, make changes in their lives or tick it off their bucket list,” says Rees. Rees is taking her class all over the world next year when she starts her tour in February. Each class is four hours long and consists of doing multiple poses, in the nude, inside of a candlelit room.