Meghan Markle Again Broke The Royal Tradition & The Reason Is Really Cute


Meghan Markle again broke the rule of the Royal Family by emotionally hugging with homeless charity founder ‘who has deeply inspired her.’

She broke away royal tradition during her official visit to Scotland when she embraced a homeless charity volunteer who told Prince Harry’s emotional bride-to-be that she was deeply inspired by her. Royal family members do not hug with the public, but the 36-year-old, who appeared overwhelmed with emotion, “shared a special moment” with the charity worker during a visit to Edinburgh on Tuesday.


Meghan is marrying into British Royal Family. She’s one of those people who you know is a good person just by simply looking at them except that she’s a pretty badass businesswoman and actress. She seems like the complete package. But really, this photo of Meghan Markle hugging a fan in Scotland breaks the rule of the royal family ???

This touching scenes came after Alice Thompson, co-founder of Social Bite, a charity for homeless people in Scotland, told Meghan Markle she was inspired by her 2015 UN speech.