Men Apparently Have No Idea What This Hair Meme Means And Women Are Cracking Up


Memes make people laugh and some are so cool they make our day a lot better. But one recent meme is making men wonder what the fuck it means. The best thing about this meme is it was shared by a girl and now women are cracking after they found men had no idea what this meme is all about. We are sharing what people said, how women reacted on the social media and what that meme is actually about. 

A few days back, 18-year-old Payton Hicks shared these two sides of a friend. She was styling her roommate’s hair and thought of a joke. She took these two photos and added a caption. She laughed with her roommate that how bad they looked before she brushed them. 


We have taken the screenshot of her tweet. She had a caption that says “You vs. the girl he cheats with”. This meme is breaking the internet at the moment because men could not get it at all. “My method for curling clients’ hair is creating ugly ringlet-type curls that I then brush to make beachy beautiful waves”. “I was laughing and joking with [my roommate] about how bad they look before I brush them,” told Payton Hicks.