Mom Becomes Pregnant With Son’s Baby So That He And Wife Can Start A Family

It’s very natural to want to become a parent once you have chosen someone to settle down with. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to start a family without having to contend with a few relentless obstacles thrown their way. Twenty-nine-year-old Kayla Jones from Texarkana, Arkansas, for instance, was desperate to have children with her husband Cody, after getting married in 2012.


Unfortunately, Kayla and Cody’s dream of starting a family seemed near-impossible because Kayla had undergone a partial hysterectomy when she was just 17 years old. She was told that a tumor had begun growing in her uterus and that a partial hysterectomy was thus necessary. “Doctors were able to save both of my ovaries, but they had to remove my uterus because there was no normal uterine tissue left,” Kayla told ALT Magazine.