A Mom Realizes Her Baby Has Down Syndrome During This Water Birth And The Images Will Warm Your Heart


Amber Rojas 35-year-old from Cedar Hill, Texas was excited to welcome a new baby, but she realized almost immediately that her newborn had Down syndrome and would need special care.


Amber named her baby Amadeus. During giving birth, she knew something was unusual. She called a ‘hard and fast’ water birth, then was ready to meet her new little one.

Because the birth happened so quickly it was a bit of a surprise, and then Amber realized that something was different, her newborn might have Down syndrome.

“Next thing I know, my sweet baby is in my arms and I have so many emotions, As soon as I looked down, I saw it. I saw it on my baby’s face. I thought to myself, my baby has Down syndrome.”

“It was like this thing came over me and I could not help it, my body was pushing the baby out, And next thing I knew she was out and in my arms.”