A Chocolate-Addicted Mom of 31 Used Her Children as Dumbbells to Lose Weight and She Now Works as a Fitness Coach


This world is full of inspiration and we often read and hear about people setting great examples of courage and determination for others. There is a mom of 31 who did something unique and now she uses her weakness as her most powerful tool. Mareike Lott from California had gained 230 lbs and she was depressed about her increasing weight. 

Whenever she looked in mirror, she had tears in her eyes and was so embarrassed that she stopped removing her clothes in front of her husband. She all of sudden decided to lose weight and since then she has lost 90 lbs. After that, that mom started working as a fitness trainer. Here are the more details that you guys would love knowing about her inspirational story.


Mareike Lott once used to have 230 lbs weight before she started working on her fitness. 

Since she started using her children as weights for her exercises, she has lost 90 lbs weight. 

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