Mother Nature Is In A Shock To See Lady Gaga Hikes In Heels


This is the most arguably thing that we have see Lady Gaga do. In a massively surprising turn of event, Lady Gaga has been seen wearing an unconventional outfit!  That’s all right, Bizarre the queen of all things is back again to remind us that obviously there is no boundary to how extra an American pop goddess can be.

All of us are aware with the traditional hiking outfit, no? It usually includes some old shorts, high socks ,tank top, and dirty hiking boots. For those of us who don’t hike frequently – either because we don’t have access to trails or because we just really can not wrap our heads around what’s fun about sweating and swallowing gnats for a some hours – sneakers intent to replace hiking boots. But you know what doesn’t usually replace hiking boots? Five inch Christian Louboutin pumps. until and Unless you’re Lady Gaga, for sure.this week controversial singer decided to turn the entire world of hiking on it’s head while out on an utterly fabulous trek with her boyfriend.


Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Christian While out in Montauk, New York, Carino could not have been less in sync when it came to their style. Carino pick out for the classic hiking getup, paying homage to both Mother Nature and his feet which might be thanked him for not wearing high heels.

For the time being Gaga, seems disappointed in her boyfriend for being so predictable and mainstream, decided to up her game for the both of them. Sporting a ruffled off-the-shoulder crop top, a tight maxi skirt with a slip, and nude Louboutin pumps, instantly Gaga turned the muddied path into her own personal runway.