Nicki Minaj Announces Charity to Pay Off Fees of Fan Students and Reaction of the Internet is Epic


Nicki Minaj is truly a kind hearted lady and she has proved it as well. A few weeks before, she replied to a fan student who asked Nicki to pay her college fee and she asked the student to send bank account details. Later, she transferred the amount and the story went quite viral. Now she has announced charity for fees of the students and to pay off their tuition payments.

Nicki took to Instagram where she announced that she is going to pay off the fees/loans of fan students. She also shared a screenshot with a caption. If you see the caption, you will realize how kind she is and it makes her very happy to help out the needy fan students. She is building charity to begin sending payments to the students. 


This side of Nicki shows her love for humanity and fans. People have been going crazy and fell in love with her after she announced the charity. A female fan wrote that she loves and respects the celebrities who use their money to help the needy and Nicki has earned it with grace. 

Nicki Minaj is the real life hero! She previously helped some students pay their college dues. Now she has announced charity to pay off the tuition payments of students. She is truly a nice and kind hearted lady. This act of her has won millions of hearts and people say she is absolutely a great woman. 

Here is the screenshot she shared on Instagram. There was a caption too with this screenshot. We can say she is winning hearts and proves that celebrities should use their own money to help the needy and poor and fans who look forward to getting their help.