Nostril Hair Extensions Are The Latest Beauty Trend And People Are Confused


When it comes to fashion, all kind of weird things is acceptable in the name of beauty trends. People don’t even realize how other will feel or how they will look when they are wearing a certain fashion trend. So many examples are there when we talk about the weird trend and the latest one is nostril hair trend. 

Nowadays, girls are accepting this strange trend and people are seriously confused. Since its creation, Instagram has been the hub of bizarre beauty trends (how could we forget glitter beards), meaning that hairy nostrils really do have a home on the photo-sharing site. But, the verdict is still pending on whether this trend will be worn in public. The look, which is created using two false eyelashes, has divided opinion online. “Are you insane? You look like an idiot”, one user wrote, whilst another exasperated user typed, “RIP humanity”.

As activism and feminism become more mainstream, so does the topic of extreme body hair. Fashion statements like fluffy underarms, fuzzy legs and bushy eyebrows prove there are no boundaries when it comes to body hair in the name of style.


The latest fashion trend with the name of NOSTRIL HAIR has confused people. This seriously seems quite weird and people are shocked how so many girls are wearing this. You can see in the photo below how this actually looks like.