12 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Women


Most people think that women and men are very different. We’re not talking about controversial things like the width of the pelvis or some mental abilities- because scientists have long proven that both sexes can be equally good at a whole bunch of activities and everything else is a matter of genetics. Nevertheless, there are some interesting things that only relate to women. Today, we are sharing some interesting facts about women that turn out to be true.

1. Food Preferences

Do you know which product almost every girl consumes throughout HER life? No, not fish neither some low-calorie salad, not even some ice cream bucket. For sad days, scientists have conducted an interesting investigation and found out the girls eat four pounds of a certain substance throughout their entire lives.


2. Lipstick

After putting on some lipstick, the smallest particles fall into the stomach and the older, the woman the more products end up in their body.