She Orders Food And Writes She Is Sick And The Delivery Guy Brings Her Medicine


A girl in Netherlands orders food in a restaurant adding more details to get cold medicine. What the restaurant team did is a wonderful manifestation of human acts. Continue reading this little heartwarming tale. 

With internet marketing, it has become quite easy for anyone to order something- adding extra details of the order as well. This interesting story is one of such examples where a girl orders food and sends further details for cold medicine and she absolutely gets it delivered.


A girl in an area of Netherlands was feeling sick and could not move out to bring her medicine. She had caught severe flue. She was in need that someone could help him bring the cold medicine and she could get rid of it. She got creative and amused us all with her an online order. She sent a food order to nearby restaurant. The staff thought it first to be an ordinary order- just like many others but they were stunned to see the extra details she had included. Feeley’s Fish and Chip Shop staff paused for a while when they checked the order details.


As Feeley believes to provide great services to their customers so they delivered her what she wrote and promised to get. She then paid them some extra money a swell for the cold medicine.

The social media manager of the restaurant Daniel Casey shared his amazing response over the order. He told that he was truly amused with that order. He added that their team felt it was quite important to deliver what the customer ordered. He said, “Our customers are our lifeblood of the business and we will continue doing what we can for the valuable customers.”


This though seems a bit silly but it melts hearts and makes us feel great by this kind gesture and act. She ordered something that they never promised to deliver but instead of rejecting her as a nuisance, they considered her as family and fulfilled her request. The restaurant offered her an extra meal too and she could catch it when she get recovered from her sickness. This kind deed led to increased exposure of Feeley to the public and customers.

As it’s little interesting story and with exception to this, it tells how little acts of kindness can affect people. In this world of businesses, no time availability and personal interests the story tells that there should exist such little interactions between the companies and customers.