10 Ordinary Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Eyesight On A Daily Basis


If you’re reading this, chances are you rely on your eyesight to do just about everything. As important as our other senses are, “The eye is not only the most beautiful but also the most important sensory organ of the human body; four-fifths of all the impressions on the senses come from the eye,” according to Augenklinik Stralsund, an ophthalmology hospital in Germany. Of course, people are more than capable of living and thriving without the gift of sight. However, it certainly makes life more challenging. Since vision is so important, it is in your best interest to maintain your eye health. Moreover, it’s especially important to avoid bad habits that might hurt your eyesight. We all do things every day that aren’t good for our eyes. Habits may be hard to break, but in this case, your vision is 100% worth it. Learn how you might be hurting your eyesight on a daily basis:

1. Rubbing Your Eyes


We all have the urge to rub our eyes once in a while. Doing it sparingly is OK. However, as the Vision Eye Institute points out, rubbing too hard or too often can do some permanent damage. Excessive rubbing can cause tiny blood vessels to break, transfer dangerous germs from your fingers, disrupt blood flow that leads to nerve damage, and even thin the cornea.

2. Screen Time

Plenty of us spend all day looking at screens. However, it is probably in your best interest to limit your exposure as much as you can. Dr. Feldman of Clearview Eye & Laser Center of San Diego told Ophthalmology Times that 90% of people who spend three or more hours per day looking at a computer screen have what is called computer vision syndrome. The doctor recommends reducing the glare on your screen, and resting your eyes every 20 minutes or so as precautionary measures.