People are Impressed with This Guy Who Goes to Hilarious Lengths to Take Pictures for His Girlfriend


Every new day gives us relationship goals and this couple is setting all the hilarious goals for new couples. This boyfriend is going to all limits and hilarious lengths for taking pictures of his girlfriend. They recently went to the British Virgin Island and this guy’s photos for his girlfriend are impressing the people. 

This is 25-year-old Paola Pentón González and her 24-year-old boyfriend, Gabriel Martinez Rivera. They live in Puerto Rico and recently took a trip to the British Virgin Islands. Penton also told that they make a trip every year with hundred of other couples to spend a great time together. 


This year’s trip made for a lot of ‘grammable moments, and Martínez was and has always been, the designated photographer. “He’s no photographer but he takes great pictures,” Pentón said, laughing.