8 Phenomenal Reasons You Should Lock Lips More Often


Think about the best part of any romantic comedy. Everyone’s favorite moment of these movies is when the tension finally comes to a head and the two leads fall into each other’s arms and start making out. Is there anything more fun than locking lips with someone you love? The answer, of course, is no. Kissing someone you love (or even just someone you kind of like) is romantic, sweet, sexy, and just all-around enjoyable. Smooching isn’t just good for your relationship and your mental state, it’s also really good for your health. That’s right, there are a whole bunch of incredible health benefits we can get from kissing (as if we needed more reasons to lock lips). Read below to find out more about the fascinating health benefits of kissing!

1. It Boosts Your Immune System

Human mouths have hundreds of types of bacteria in them, but everyone has slightly different microbes in their mouths. When we kiss, we swap good bacteria, which can boost our immune systems. You and your honey will end up sharing protection against many of the same illnesses.


2. It Can Reduce Blood Pressure

CNN reports that kissing can actually lower your blood pressure. How? Well, when you kiss passionately, it gets your heartbeat going faster, which dilates your blood vessels. Once your blood vessels are dilated, the blood can flow more easily to your organs.