10 Most Common Places Secret Cameras Could Be Hiding In Plain Sight Without You Realizing It

You probably remember the phrase “big brother is watching” from reading George Orwell’s 1984 in high school. Is there any truth to the fiction? Whether we like it or not, cameras really are everywhere, and we are constantly being filmed without our knowledge. Of course, it’s totally innocent most of the time. Surveillance cameras are used to keep stores safe of shoplifters or prevent intruders from entering private property. However, sometimes hidden cameras are used for more sinister purposes — like being spied on. If you’ve ever had the strange and indescribable feeling that you’re being watched, it may help to know the most common places to look for these sneaky cameras hiding in plain sight. Technology is always improving, which means cameras could honestly be anywhere. That said, there are certain places and products that are definitely more popular than others when it comes to hiding cameras.

1. In The Car

A lot of newer cars have modern rearview mirrors with all kinds of smart features. This is also a popular place to hide a camera. This might be the case if you’re in a rental car, a taxi, or any car that isn’t your own. There are tons of affordable models to choose from, which makes it all the more likely that it could be in a car you’re riding in.


2. In A Clock

Clocks are a good spot to hide cameras for a number of reasons. Namely, they are usually next to your bed or placed at a high vantage point. Another reason is that clocks are on and running 24 hours a day, making them and their activity inconspicuous. Companies like BrickHouse Security advertise their options as being for business or government, to give you an idea of who these devices are marketed to and where they might be.