You Probably Didn’t Know About These Seven Bra Myths


Each and every woman knows bras are huge pain and by pain we mean that they can literally be painful if worn for an extended period, but they are also a huge irritation honestly, sometimes the best part of the day is when you get to take the breast jail off.

There are endless myths that circulate the internet about the horrible side-effects of bras. undoubtedly the internet itself is a scary place if you’re on it long enough.More alarming than the fact that we just called bras breast jails. We are here to dispel some of these bra myths for you so we can (partially) rest your mind at ease.



1. If I don’t wear a bra My breasts will become saggy: This is one of the more common myths but you’ll be happy to know that it’s not true. It is the law of physics that if an object is not held up, it will fall due to gravity – but that is all. If you are worried about sagginess, then there are plenty of exercises to combat it.

2. Increased in the risk of Breast Cancer by the underwire bra: There is just no scientific correlation between the two. It was merely a wrongful association due to the rise of breast cancer cases.

PC: Health Magazine