Psychologists Reveal 5 Amazing Stages Of Love And Most Of People Never Make It Past Step Three


Have you ever think what is love? People define love in different ways and because of this they show it differently and have different expectations.

According to psychologist there are 5 stages of love but most of us never make it past stage three.


Today at Borlem we’ll share these 5 love stages of love:

1.Falling In Love 

Falling in love is the first stage of love, where your heart takes over and you ignore any red flags, get butterflies in your stomach and only things that is matter for you is happiness. Your dream person is flawless, beautiful, and perfect. Now you can’t think about any other thing then your Mr or Ms right.  Enjoy the giddy glow, and let’s move on to step two.


Eventually, if you make it past step one, you’ll couple up with your new man, and your life together really starts to gel. You might move in together, get married, have kids and this step is crucial, and so enjoyable. Building a life together is just divine.