9 Signs That Your Computer Has Been Hacked

Cyberattack has become quite a serious issue for most of the people now. Every single day we see many people complaining that their computer was hacked or data was stolen. This loss can be serious in some cases, if you have very important data stored in your computer. And this is why most computer users now want to protect their data and passwords. Here are nine signs that your computer has been hacked. 

1. The Anti-Virus Is Turned Off 

The tech experts believe that it’s almost impossible to turn off an anti-virus installed on your computer accidentally. When you try to turn it off, it asks for two or at least three times. So in case you see your computer’s anti-virus turned off, it’s an indication that someone has hacked your computer because this is the first things hackers do when they want to steal data or get access to someone’s computer. And you should immediately turn it on again to protect your computer.


2. Passwords Aren’t Working

Just like the first point, it’s impossible that your passwords get changed automatically. So if you can’t access your accounts or computer just because it says your passwords were changed even you remember you didn’t change, it’s a sign that someone has hacked your computer. Change your passwords even for the accounts that were not changed and set a two-factor authentication to protect them.