36 Small But Annoying Things That Will Make Most Women Say “Fuck, I Hate That”


1. Shaving your legs and feeling like a smooth and supple dolphin for about half an hour before you can feel the prickly hairs growing back.

2. Or shaving your legs and then realising you left an entire section out behind your knee.


3. Realising you need to change your pad or tampon when you’ve already sat on the toilet seat and you don’t have a spare with you.

4. Feeling as if you need to change your pad RIGHT NOW and then getting to the toilet and seeing that your pad’s almost empty.

5. Taking your bag to the toilet and being asked why you’re taking your bag.

6. Not wearing makeup and being told you look tired.

7. Trying on shoes that feel a little tight in the store, buying them against your better judgement, giving yourself a blister, and then never wearing them again.