Staring At Boobs Is One Of Five Ways Men Can Actually Live Longer


Man can already expect shorter lifespans than girls, with the average American man living to age 76 in preference to his girl counterpart who lives to age 81. But, the key to many men living longer may surely lie with girls, or, more specifically, with their anatomy. Here is the listing under to discover why gazing boobs and having sex, amongst other thingscan also without a doubt make longer.

1.  Staring at boobs


The fact that staring at a woman’s chest can be fairly offensive, it has many benefits to men aside from enjoyment. In fact, it actually creates a positive mindset in men. Although men don’t have to be pigs when ogling women, it turns out they can also just look at adorable real pigs instead, as the same positive mindset in occurs when they look at cute animals, too. According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, having a positive mindset achieved by looking at boobs or otherwise, showed a direct correlation with men’s health.

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2. Have sex

This should be music to most men’s ears! Yes, it’s no secret that sex has a whole host of health benefits, but it can also help men live longer, too. According to the study, sex can actually decrease a man’s mortality rate by a whopping 50%. Those men who wrote having more orgasms actually added three to eight years onto their lives. The reason for this is because sex releases ‘happy hormone’ serotonin and is an excellent stress reliever. Reducing stress, in general, helps protect against illness and extends the lifespan.

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