A Homeless Man Gets Surprise Birthday Gift and Could not Control His Tears


If you can’t find good people around, be one. This line carries the whole purpose of human life. We have been sent by God to make this world more beautiful, let people live happy lives and share their burdens.

If you simply skip this aspect of serving others, you will have a meaningless life. Some people set examples for others by serving the needy, homeless and poor people. Here is a video that will make you cry.


A man who has been homeless for years meets a young guy. The young guy brings him surprise birthday gift and he was extremely happy to get that surprise. The homeless man wishes to go for a movie and the guy hugs him and pays for the picture. That was a fabulous moment that left the homeless man in tears.

Be a good person and serve the humanity. You will feel utmost peace and satisfaction inside as there is nothing better than serving humanity.