This Beautiful Teen Was Called Fat & Trolled But Her Boyfriend’s Reply to the Haters is Winning the Internet


It’s said that it only takes a moment to ruin your self-confidence and make your day the worst. But this young lad didn’t let the internet and trolls succeed when they tried to call her fat and make fun of her. His reply to the haters was the best reaction ever and made the internet praise their relationship. 

Tre Booker and Madison Haulter have been dating for more than a year and they regularly share their romantic photos on Twitter and other social media forums. Few days back, they went for a prom date and as usual shared photos as well. This time some people fat-ashamed Tre’s girlfriend by calling him fat. The boy couldn’t keep his silence and he responded with more photos of both saying he can look at her all the day. 

Madison and Tre attended the High School prom together and Madison became a victim of online trolls. The situation was handled by her boyfriend before it went too far. The response of Tre made Madison feel proud of him and the internet also came in their favor. 

This was the tweet Madison posted on Twitter and people started mocking her. The caption with photos can be seen in the tweet. It should be told that she is not fat, she is gorgeous, beautiful and respect to his boy for standing by her like this- that made internet love them.