The Perks Of Being A Biophilic In This Concrete World!


Develop Empathy

When you visit places where multiple life forms exist, you are mesmerized by their tiny yet amazing existence, you tend to value life. You analyze the importance of all kinds of lives and hence the inner chi helps you develop empathy towards others. You become internally motivated to be more understanding what others feel. this, in turn, helps you with positive growth. 


You Are Less Influenced By Others

People nowadays are living a vicious cycle of influence. We are influenced by our parents, siblings, peers etc. We have become so socially stereotypical that our established standards case severe anxiety among others. But when you spend more time with nature, you tend to understand the importance of every life on this planet. You know everyone has their own identity, their thoughts, emotions and have the right to express. Therefore, you gradually become hard to be influenced.