The Way This Guy Handles His Girlfriend’s Anxiety Is Melting The Internet

There always have been, while a person’s depressed, they have a tendency to warfare with exhaustion on a regular basis and sleep for twelve hours at a time. when a person hears that, they don’t assume, “Oh, no, what ought to they be going through?”, they without delay think, “What kind of lazy bum are they?”
And if it’s something like melancholy, or tension, or OCD, or something like that, people will right away aspect with the human beings mocking the people with intellectual ailments rather than aspect with them. It becomes even tougher to manipulate whilst you’re in a dating with a person with intellectual fitness troubles.

For example, the current viral case of Callie Amelia Theodore and her sweetheart of a boyfriend, Chris Briggs.


Callie suffers from tensionmeaning she overthinks continuously creates problematic scenarios in her head that don’t have any justification, which ends in arguments and preventing. It may motive an actual pressure on a courting.But on the equal straw, the tiniest matters cause human beings with tension the most relief.

If they don’t need to talk to the cashier due to the fact they’re anxious, they may say something silly, they will think the sector of the individual that handles the alternate for them. It’s this kind of minor issue, right? but they assume the arena of it. Recently, Callie made a Facebook post that went viral, spurred on simply by her boyfriend texting her four little words to her question.