These Hilariously Photoshopped Posters of ‘Trump Movies’ Will Make You Visit Cinemas Even More


Before getting to the position of US president, Donald Trump was a target of memes and Photoshop skills. Almost every skilled guy tried him once at least. Now he is the president but people have not forgiven him. With every passing day, we see so many Photoshopped photos of Trump is different styles, costumes, and scenes. 

This time, Trump became a target of movie posters and someone Photoshopped him in famous movies of the past. The posters are hilarious and people can’t handle these. Some are funny that they will make you go LOL and we will not be coming for your help if you die from it. Here are the photos that you guys will love checking. 


I am sure Mr. Trump will be burning after seeing this hilarious movie poster. There is a genius who did this wonderful job. 

Trump looks great! Yeah, believe me! I must say Trump should consider trying his career in Hollywood as well. 

Oh my gosh! He seems the perfect and most wanted choice for The Martians. He should go and never come back again.