This Teen’s Friends Poured Boiling Water On Him During The Sleepover And He Was Left With Horrific Scars


Childhood is always memorable. We enjoy a lot of things with friends. Sometimes, it becomes so special that we have to spend nights at home of friends. And the crazy moment during sleepovers are refreshing if they are good enough. Being away from parents is something most people enjoy during childhood and when you are a guest- it’s kind of a bonus.

You may remember the hand in water trick that was used as pranks during sleepovers. It was a kind of entertainment and your friends became wet. When they woke up, they burst into laughter. However, recently a sleepover prank went awfully wrong and a teen was left with serious first and second-degree burns when his friends poured boiling water on him as he was asleep.


This is Nicolas Conrad and he was burnt by his friends when they decided the hot water challenge during the sleepover. He woke up crying and screaming. He had horrific burns. He told three of his friends poured boiling water on him when he was fast asleep. 

The 15-year-old teenager became a victim of a joke. This is a lesson for all parents to now allow their kids for such pranks. It could cost lives. The police are looking into the matter. The mother of the boy could not believe and was in a shock when she found her son in this condition.