This Toddler Is Recreating His Model Uncle’s Photos And The Results Are Adorable


A mother created an Instagram account to share adorable pictures of her toddler and brother, comparing their adorable and cool looks. Now the mother is aking “who wore it better?”

A New York-based Model, Aristotle Polites facing an unexpected competition with his baby Nephew. His nephew is 18-month old baby, Augie whose mother, Katina Behm recreates his brother’s pictures by his son. 


Katina Behm, a 34-year-old lady is a speech and language pathologist in West Fargo, N.D. And she is a mother of three babies, 18 months old twins, Augie and Delphie and a 12-year-old Stepson. One day the mother was struggling to close the buttons of Augie’s read-plaid shirt when she realized that her son looks like his model brother Aristotle.

She took a picture of her baby and joined it with his brother’s modelling picture, and send to her family members. They all said this is hilarious. Katin said, “I took a picture and then realised I bet my brother Aris has a picture just like this on his Instagram page which is filled with modelling photos.”

She found a picture of Aristotle Polites wearing a red speedo and a pair of sneakers, she dressed Augie in the similar way and took his pictures. Katina said, “Every Monday, I started posting a different image of Augie imitating Aris, My family kept asking for more photos so I started an Instagram account to stockpile them all.”

Katina Behm account is with the name of “Babyandthebody” with the hashtag, #whoworeitbetter. This account is full of Augie’s and Aris pictures with identical outfits and poses. She said, “We usually shoot in the nursery, and recently, Augie’s started having more fun with it, When I prop him up against the wall, he smiles.”

Most of the times Katrina copy her brother’s pose but sometimes Aristotle tries to copy his nephew pose. Aristotle: “One time, Katina sent me a photo of Augie with cake smeared over his mouth, so I did the same.” He credits Augie for his talent. “He’s getting his poses down and learning the craft of modelling, Baby models make a lot.”

Mommy says, she has no plans to put his son on work, she’s doing all this just for fun. “It’s all in good fun and a way to rag on my little brother, whom I’m very proud of.”