Top 10 Celebrity Good Girls Gone Bad!


For this list, we are looking at female celebrities who were once known for their innocent images. And it’s definitely a worthwhile endeavor because as we all know there are few things more fun in the world of Hollywood than when a famous good girl breaks bad. Here are the Top 10 Celebrity Good Girls gone bad.

1. Drew Barrymore


After gaining fame at 6 in E.T. Barrymore started smoking at 9, drinking at 11, and started doing cocaine by the time she was 13. She tried committing suicide by age 14 and had to go back to rehab. Drew is a perfect example of a double edge blade for a child actor as they struggle to mature.

2. Jamie Foxworth

She is a cautionary name for child stars. Jamie played the youngest member of the family in the sitcom Family matters, but as Urkel rose to prominence, she had less to do in the show and was shown the door. She then acted porn under the name Alicia Crave.