Top 5 Hidden Messages Found In Disney Movies


Your mind is totally blown like ‘what the heck’ after reading these hidden messages in your favorite Disney movies. Some of them might actually shock you. These hidden messages which are found in Disney movies are pretty impossible to ignore. These messages not only surprise or shock you but totally blow your mind.

1.  Explicit drawing-Monster’s Inc.


In this movie, a monster did really good in the movie theaters by many people. So we are talking about this drawing which was seen in the end scenes of the monster sink. It shows that 2 children posing in some weird position and this picture has been viral all over the internet. And people really shocked after seeing this picture. If this is real then this picture is not used in the movie or if it’s fake then someone photoshopped it really well. But many people commented that this picture is fake. Someone really used this picture to ruin the movie.


2. Good teenagers take off your clothes-Aladdin

This is the popular sentence that said in the movie Aladdin. The scene is when Aladdin in the magic flying carpet shakes of Jasmine’s balcony to find Jasmine’s tiger, Raja was there. You can hear the voice in the background, says that ‘good teenagers take off your clothes’. To hear this voice you have to turn up your tv volume loud and you really think that this statement doesn’t say in the movie. This statement really started the rumors in 1993 when it is released.