Movies are supposed to help us unwind from the daily grind. People normally enjoy extreme crime-drama movies or romantic comedies the most. However, there are certain movies which are extremely underrated! 

The infamous genres of mystery, thriller, and crime are rarely combined together. However, when they are combined they yield amazing movies that blow viewers minds. 


Following is a list of some extremely mind altering movies that you must watch!

 1. Memento

Memento is a classic psychological thriller that focuses on a prime character Leonard Shelby played by Guy pierce. The character suffers from retrograde amnesia post trauma. Furthermore, he searches for the person who killed his wife and caused his injury. The character has inked his body to remind him of his quest and uses polaroids too. The movie is full of mystery and suspense. Moreover, you will not be able to guess the end! A must watch indeed!

2. Mulholland DR. (2001)

Mulholland drive is yet another movie that will surely cause severe confusion. The movie is based on a woman who survives a car accident on Mulholland drive and is left, amnesiac. She is accompanied by a new girl in town to solve her mysterious identity. After I watched this movie, I literally sat at the same place thinking what the h**** just happened! However, it is a remarkable movie and a must watch.