Top 8 Toxic Effects of Pornography on Your Brain


The effects of porn are destructive. Pornography is destroying marriages. In our culture, we know that porn is harmless, but still, we think it’s not. Pornography damages the arousal process in your brain and ends up wrecking your sex life in marriage.

Nowadays women are desperate to fix their marriages, but they don’t know what to do. Today’s men never seem to want sex. Or husbands are never satisfied with sex. Or they call them boring or unattractive. And the root of many of these problems is watching porn videos. The negative side of watching pornography isn’t about right and wrong. It’s about the effects that pornography has on the user and the effects it has on the loved ones of the user. Pornography use has serious, negative side effects.


1. Pornography Creates Emotional Bond With An Artificial Moves

Everyone in this world has a need for intimacy and emotional connection with others. But when someone views pornography, they end up creating an intimate bond with an artificial, fake world and they lose the ability to bond with their real partner.