This Twitter User is Renaming Everyday Objects and They are More Accurate Than the Real Ones


This Twitter account Real Names is exposing the real names of everyday objects and they seem to be more accurate than the real ones. Some are funny and hilarious while others are damn accurate. We have collected these photos from the account of that Twitter user and made a post to share with our dear readers. 

I could not control my laughter after checking these all and we hope you are going to enjoy these. Some are so hilarious that they could make your day a better one and bring a smile on your faces, as making people smile is the hardest task in this world. 


You call it MILK but REAL NAMES believes it to be more accurately the cereal sauce. 

Here comes the barcode cow and it seems quite funny. 

Yellow tree dick! As I said, some are hilarious and this one proves it as well.