Uber Driver Helped This Woman Get Revenge On The Guy Who Ditched Her On Their Date


My favorite films almost always have a buddy element. They can be buddy comedies or action comedies or any situation where two people who’ve decided to become pals, against the odds, form an unbreakable bond that carries them through some tough times. So when I heard about this story of a Florida Uber driver who happened upon a despondent soul who claimed she flew from Texas to meet a man who supposedly ditched her, I began to tear up a little bit.

Because their story is one that pretty much packs all of those things I love about amazing buddy films. Thankfully, the Uber driver, aka “La Loba” chronicled the entire wild ride.


She discovered that Leah was basically staying in her hotel room alone after her date ditched her, which understandably got La Loba immediately thinking of vengeance. To which Leah declined.