The Unbelievable Price Of Being Most Beautiful Kid In The World


Over the years, we have seen a trend that pushes beautiful children into spotlight. Whether it is the kid who want to be there, or their parents urging them to be famous, it all comes at a price. From bullying to major family, we are going to explore what its take to keep title of being child.

Today we’re discussing unbelievable price of being most beautiful kid in the world:


1.Makenzie Myers

Since 2009, TLC’S “Toddlers and Tiaras” has lifted curtains on what goes into becoming a child beauty contestant. The results are pretty shocking in 2011, one of the stand out from the show, Makenzie Myers mother revealed the true cost of vying for the crown. When Myers was 18 months old she started participant in a pageant. When she was tree or four her mother thought it was time to step up her daughter game. She started glitz pageants, and preparation is pretty brutal for a kid her age. Her mother said that family started preparing for he show six month before by getting a custom made dress for her daughter. After that they started work  three month before on her rest of her pageant wardrobe. The participants one month before the contest starts to learn their routines and then she practices for every day for four weeks. Her mother confessed that she spends over $5000 per pageant and even her daughter wins they never regain the money.

2.Peyton Murray

Peyton Murray is one one of those people who thanks to her mother for setting her life when she was just nine-year-old child and now she’s been able to live her dream life. At the age of nine, she left tearful voice mail on her mother’s phone begging her to get her on TV. On same summer her mother along with her  siblings went to  New York city. She is not the only child of her family who wanted to become a star, her every sibling scored for a modeling contract. Her mother hard work paid off because each of her kids started landing jobs and Peyton even work for gap kids and made $1046. They tried their hardest but because of travel expenses her family broke.