UPS Drivers Started A Facebook Group To Share Post About Dogs They Meet On Routes


UPS drivers have a special facebook group where they post about dogs they meet on their routes. Sean McCarren has been a UPS driver for 17 years now and he is a proud driver of the big brown truck. 

According to him, The best part of his job is meeting with dogs along his route each day. He said, “I wish we could just hang out with the families and their dogs all day, but it’s just not feasible.” McCarren and other UPS drivers often stop on their work and play with the pups who greet them at their trucks. 


Five years ago, McCarren created a facebook group, “UPS Dogs” so that other UPS drivers could also post about the pups, who meet them during their route and greet them at their trucks. This group has been going strong for 5 years now and is still moderated by McCarren himself. A UPS Spokesperson said, “It’s a good example of the relationships our employees build with their customers, two or four-legged.”

This group has grown to over 200,000 followers. UPS drivers across the country send him their own photos to post on the page. UPS Dogs is a network of UPS employees across the US. He told that many drivers buy and bring biscuits to their route dogs every day. 

To have a look of UPS Dogs, scroll down and see the cute pups of UPS drivers.

Meat Sean McCarren, who started the Facebook group “UPS Dogs” for dog-loving employees.

UPS Dogs is a network of UPS drivers across the US, who post photos of the dogs they meet during their work